Awww shit guys! Vixx is coming back real soon with a new song!!! Its going to be great! I wish they had more time to rest before promoting again though..

Ohhh and my new babies BTS is going to release a new song too for the fans! Dude im sooo hyped! Suga said its a song that will be all up on you. So lets brace ourselves for their new badass in your face song!!!

And alongside that! I will be attending kcon 2013 so lets me up!! I hope groups I like are going coughvixxbtslc9zeacough

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Kcon buddy?

Whoes in MN and is interested in going to kcon with me? It’ll be fun! We can go as a group, and pay for hotel services together!!! The more the merrier! Just inbox me so we can talk. If im going im planning to get the 300 dollar vip tickets!
I dont even know who the lineup is for kcon but thats not going to stop me from going. I might not know a lot of the bands that will be present but its all good haha. I do hope vixx and zea will be attending though!!!

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[INSTAGRAM - 130702] k1ngdav1d: finished recording ZE:A’s upcoming track (형식 in the booth)

[INSTAGRAM - 130702] k1ngdav1d: finished recording ZE:A’s upcoming track (형식 in the booth)

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Phoenix Subs



Hello,we are a brand new subbing team dedicated to subbing ZE:A videos.Currently,we are not active yet but will be by the end of the week.Please support us by following and reblogging this post

We are also looking for people to join us:Translators,people to manage our twitter and tumblr,Subbers,Encoders,Graphic Designers ,Timers and Typesetters.Please send us a message if you are interested in any of this.



Yay~! ^0^

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ZE:A is coming back with an album in early August!

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(ENGSUB)130521 All The K-Pop ZE:A Kevin Sexy Dance cut 

3-part sexy dance.

I kinda demand a full version. extended version. whatever you call that.


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Why you so handsome?

Okay let me as a very serious question…why does a guy need to be so handsome for? Shoot, you don’t belong to me so get that handsome shit outta here! I don’t need that shit,You’re only allowed to be handsome if you belong to me so if you read this please go away and never show me your face again or I might just have to break into your dorm and capture you!

Hey I warned you all so be careful or I might just jump out from the shadows and capture you! Especially you E.den, I know you can read English! 

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What is ZE:A? (…again?)

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[Pick] ZE:A or Super Junior? (^_<)







[130403] Show Champion

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